Practical Legal Services for Startup Businesses

Are you starting or have recently started a Business ?

Do You really know what you need to do ?

Is your Business legal? Are you as protected as you can be from issues, problems etc that we all have down the line? Did you know that how well you start a business has a big impact on how successful it is in the long term? So give yourself the best possible chance of success and survival with your new business.

How we can help you

We want to use our years of experience in all things legal to provide you with practical affordable advice and assistance so you avoid problems rather than are left dealing with them after the event as so often happens.

What we offer to you

  • A guide through what you need to do to set up a business- the basics
  • Information on what rules you must follow
  • Provision of documentation specific to your business
  • A reasonably priced alternative to the trap of generic templates

The benefit to you and your Business

  1. It makes you look professional
  2. It helps to avoid problems and arguments down the line.
  3. It enables good business relationships.

The Specifics

What we can you with includes – Basic Advice, Contracts (Sales, Services, Agency. Shareholders etc etc). Terms and Conditions, Cyber Security, GDPR and Data Protection, Checking Commercial Leases, Intellectual Property

Our Packages

We have Budget Packages available for all our services so you know what it all will cost you to achieve peace of mind or we are happy to supply a quote based on what you want. 

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