Practical Legal Services for the Startup Business


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Our Standard Services for Business

If you have effective legal documents in place it makes you look professional and helps to avoid problems and arguments down the line. It enables good business relationships. We can provide for you:

  • contracts – sales, services, agency etc
  • terms and conditions
  • leases and licences
  • checking of Leases provided to you
  • policies including a Privacy Notice for GDPR
  • IP including Trademark registration

      Essentials for Start Ups

  • Discussing possible structures and finding the right one for you.
  • Advice on bookkeeping systems, registering with HMRC
  • Package of necessary documents 
  • We have a package of the essential documents for the Start Up-to suit every budget


Why you need us

You will save valuable time and money if you have these matters set up properly. Do not try and avoid them – something always goes wrong, eventually, to everyone, however careful you are. We all make mistakes or come across awkward clients who make life difficult. Minimize your risk by being properly prepared.

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