10 Reasons why you need legal advice even if you cannot afford it.

Too many businesses put off looking at legal issues until something goes wrong. You then have the cost and worry of sorting the problem out. Why not put things in order so you miss that stage. Why do this :

  1. You need to know the laws and rules that apply to your particular business.
  2. Any medium or large business will have full legal advice and have documents and processes that act in their favour
  3. You need to know the Legal Risks of your business as otherwise how do you minimize those risks? Legal Risks are different from financial risks. A small business can have a higher legal risk than a large business depending on what it does and who its customers are.
  4. Realise you don’t know what you don’t know and this could break your business.
  5. Terms and Conditions should be a map through your business. They should be specific to your business not lifted from your competitor . They should be readable and you should understand them. Your Clients should understand them. They are the basis of your agreement with your Clients.
  6. Legally you will need various policies eg Health and Safety, Data Protection. These again should be in clear language not something you get out when something goes wrong.
  7. Do not be tempted by templates off the Internet. They will be very generic and usually miss the thing that your business needs. Remember also that language in legal documents has a special legal meaning that may be different from normal English. It may be specifying which part of a legal statute applies but will you know that?
  8. Arguments can lead to expensive court cases. Many cases are caused by DIY Contracts and Terms and conditions or if none of these exist. It is false economy to cut corners here.
  9. Legal Documents should be readable and capable of being understood by the average person. Lots of jargon and nonsense are not necessary just put there to look good. Do not accept this and have documents properly drafted.
  10. Realize that legal advice and documentation is there to avoid problems . It is like driving a car . When driving you spend as much time avoiding other cars that are badly driven as manoeuvring your own car straight down the road. Legal Advice and documents are there to avoid bumps and crashes- they are not there to get out after the problem has been created.

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Do not take more Risks than are necessary