Getting Paid

Getting Paid

Tips for making sure you are paid

If you are not paid there is no point in doing the work.

Our tips for steps you can take to minimize your risk of not getting paid are:

  1. Who are you doing business with? It is a personal judgment of a client’s character and a professional judgment of their situation. There are businesses offering all manner of pre-contract credit checks. These checks can make sure that a potential client /business is sound before you start any work and laying out your time


  1. Make it totally clear what you are going to do or supply . Both sides should be clear on this and there is no room for doubt. Any description needs to state the details not just give a vague overview as many do. To build a house sounds simple until you appreciate that there are many variations on house. Ideally you should both sign a contract . This can be is a major step in getting paid.



  1. Make sure you have unique readable Terms and Conditions for your business . Your client must have the opportunity to read these. Ideally the client must read these carefully


  1. Make you Payment Terms clear from the outset whether they are seven days or sixty days. Mention these terms personally to the Client and ask if that causes any problems. The client then has the opportunity to tell you that your terms do not fit with how they are themselves paid and will cause problems. You can then discuss this before you start not find out after the work is done and you want payment.



  1. Make sure the work done complies with what was agreed at the start . Any amendments should be agreed in writing. This reduces the room for the Client to say you have not done exactly what was agreed and argue about paying you.

You do not want to get involved with debt collectors and courts as this is just time and money. So take all basic steps to avoid getting to that point in the first place.

That Balancing Act