How to Start

You want to start a business . You have what you think is a good idea that you believe you will make lots of money. You may go on a training course . You realize you suddenly have to be good at all manner of skills you had never attempted before.

-Marketing, social media, finance, bookkeeping, preparing documents are all your responsibility. Everything is you.

-You do not have departments to pass these matters to any more. You will need to discover the rules and laws that apply to your new business or you will quickly run into trouble.

We will take you through what you need step step

We provide a personal practical service and work with the small business owner to ensure their start up is properly set up increasing the chances of success. We can provide what you need .

Our Start Up Package

For £125 we offer a Budget Package giving the Start Up the documents they need to get up and running.  We will let you have 

1. Basic Terms and Conditions

2.  GDPR Privacy Notice 

3.  Thirty Minutes face to face advice on Skype to discuss what other legal issues you should be considering. All businesses are different and you ‘ do not know what you do not know.’ 

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Grants and Loans – we can provide advice and guidance as to what could be available for your business

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Or it could be this


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