Our Packages

  1. Our Basic Package

What you get

  1. A set of Terms and Conditions specific to your business. that you and your clients can read . The essential bits and not War and Peace.
  2. A GDPR Privacy Notice that covers your business (not just the website) and advice on Data Protection compliance- increasingly important when the risk of Cyber Crime is so high.
  3. Skype call to discuss what other issues your business should be aware of eg. what laws relate to your particular business, your risks

2. The Next Step

What you can get

  1. A monthly Skype discussion as to progress and email access in between
  2. The addition of other documents as identified as needed for your specific business
  3. Further packages as your business requires them as it grows.

What it costs

The Basic Package is £150 which is excellent value for all the help it buys you.

The Next Step Packages will be costed according to exactly what services you need at the time and will be confirmed in writing.