Terms and Conditions -Five Top Tips

Five Top Tips

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your Terms and Conditions need to be a road map through your business and govern all your procedures. You must consider what you write in detail as the wrong words can have a major impact on your business. They also need to reflect your standards and values. Do you want to be mean to your customers or appear fair and reasonable?
  2. Think of all the problems you have had with clients, products, delivery etc. and all the near misses. You should think through how to avoid a repetition of those situations then put appropriate words to cover yourself into your terms and conditions
  3. Do not lift off the internet. It is like diagnosing an illness on the internet. You might be OK or you might be dead. You need someone who understands the real meaning of the wording to avoid saying something stupid- or dangerous. Do you know what wording would be allowed by a judge and what would be thrown out?
  4. Do not lift your competitors Terms and Conditions as their business and problems may be similar bit will not be identical. Also they could take umbrage especially if you fail to remove their name from everywhere and miss one reference to them which many do.
  5. Be familiar with what your Terms and Conditions  say and make sure you understand what they say. Take the time and trouble to make your Clients read them and also understand them. It is far easier to make sure everyone complies with the Terms and Conditions from the start than have arguments down the line that take everyone’s time and effort let alone the worry.Do not have a long document that cannot be easily read and feels the need to define even the simplest word so that everyone gets lost in the word count and language.