Working From Home – Part 3

There are things you need to consider that you may not have thought of. These include :

1. General Regulations-

  • These are the matters that apply to any business wherever they are based. They tend to be related to your specific business.
  •  Food Hygiene Certificate – required if the business handles food as in catering or Bed and Breakfast
  • Health and Safety- you need to do a proper check of the  premises but only need to put it in writing if you employ five or more people.
  • Commercial Waste- must not go in the wheelie bin but separate arrangement made for collection by  a commercial company
  • Licence  needed- for kennels or home boarding of pets while the owner is on holiday. Registration with the local council is usually required for a Bed and Breakfast. Licence required may vary with each local council so check with them.


The same rules apply as for an office. They can be harder to enforce in a home. You will have family members and their friends wandering around perhaps not taking you and your work that seriously. Family may want to use your laptop or work table .

Security is still essential. The house must be secure from intruders. Your office preferably must be kept secure from your family and friends. Your filing cabinet must be secure and fire proof.

Issues of Concern –

a. Your Laptop and USB stick– who uses these ? Do your children want to do their homework on your laptop and then borrow your USB stick to take it to school. What could they see on your laptop and what might they share with their friends. What if the USB stick is lost at school. You should make sure these items are solely used for business use.

b. Your Desk- This should be kept clear of papers so that information cannot be seen by anyone walking past. Tidy up at the end of the day an be weary of your children’s friends. They may mean no harm but can cause it.

c. Fire– Consider what you would do if you only have handwritten notes and they are destroyed by fire. Destruction constitutes a data breach . Consider scanning your notes and keeping them in the cloud. It would be bad enough if your house burned down you do not want you business to disappear as well plus have to explain yourself to the ICO.

3. Working Practices

There are lots of solutions on ‘How to Work from Home’ on the internet. These include making yourself work normal office hours. take breaks etc. However the reality is that you do not have to commute so have more time. Your work should not take over your life but equally you can take advantage of your situation. Work in a manner that suits you and your family.If you want to take time off in the afternoon to do the school run and then work in the evening you can. Do however make sure your family knows that you are working and they need to respect that.

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